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water conservation keeps rivers and lakes cleanThe average American uses approximately 126 gallons of water per day, making us the largest water consumers per capita in the world. Canadians are a close second, while many European countries use half as much water we do, and most developing countries use less than 15 gallons each day.

When you are living out of a canoe or kayak, you haul your own water from the rivers and lakes you travel on and quickly realize how little water you really need. Amy and I can easily get by on 3 gallons of water per day for washing, cooking, and drinking.

Now I am not suggesting that you tell the utility company to turn off your water, because you are going to start hauling it from the nearest stream.  But there are plenty of ways to conserve water, which in the end is good for the environment and your wallet.

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Glacier National Park loses 2 more glaciers due to climate change

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Thaindian News: The US Geological Survey has said that the Glacier National Park has lost 2 more glaciers, due to climatic changes. The US Geological Survey also hinted that by the end of the decade, the Park might lose all of its glaciers too. The glaciers are being lost, as the increase in the temperatures in the park, were in reality twice as that of the rest of the globe. These findings were made public, when the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization (RMCO) and Natural Resources Defense Council ...

Tribes of Amazon Find an Ally Out of 'Avatar'

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New York Times: They came from the far reaches of the Amazon, traveling in small boats and canoes for up to three days to discuss their fate. James Cameron, the Hollywood titan, stood before them with orange warrior streaks painted on his face, comparing the threats on their lands to a snake eating its prey. "The snake kills by squeezing very slowly,' Mr. Cameron said to more than 70 indigenous people, some holding spears and bows and arrows, under a tree here along the Xingu River. "This is how the ...

Philippines: Philexport calls for urgent government response on brewing power, water supply crisis

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Manilla Bulletin: The Philippine Exporters Confederation (Philexport) has called for an urgent government response to address issues arising from rapidly changing climate patterns like the brewing power and fresh water supply crises in the country. "The intermittent power outages in Luzon and crippling brownouts in Mindanao, coupled with long dry spell drying lakes, killing plants, fowls and animals in the Cagayan Valley and some regions in Mindanao stare us on the face today,' said Philexport ...

Heat wave swept several parts of country

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All India Radio: Heat wave swept several parts of the country today with mercury hovering over 40 degrees in many areas. In the national capital, the maximum temperature rose from yesterday's 40.1 degrees to 40.5 degree Celsius ,five degree above the normal. The temperature rose to 41 degrees in Kolkata and its neighbourhood while the districts of Purulia, West Midnapore and Bankura remained in the grip of a heat wave. Jharsuguda in western Orissa recorded highest temperature of 45 ...

Sudan: 'Hungriest place on earth' cries out for food

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Associated Press: Three-day-old Odong Obong lay in the hospital bed, his pencil-thin arms almost motionless and his shriveled, gaunt face resembling that of an elderly man. Emaciated babies and young children throughout the ward bore the signs of hunger: exposed ribs and distended stomachs. Outside, old villagers reclined motionless in the shade, too frail to walk. The U.N. calls this the "hungriest place on Earth" after years of drought and conflict, with aid agencies already feeding 80,000 ...

United States: Climatologist warns of epic drought

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KOCO: A local scientist said climate change could create the type of drought that Oklahoma hasn't seen since the Dust Bowl. The comments come as the state is about to mark the 75th anniversary of the worst dust storm in history, brutal conditions that led to a mass exodus out of parts of Oklahoma during the 1930s. "Drought happened and what caused it was poor farming practices," said climatologist Gary McManus. "We plowed up entire plains, soil was bare for the wind. There was ...

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Canada: Black gold in Alberta sands

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Irish Times: The process of extracting oil from the vast Canadian sands is a messy one, and with enormous profits at stake, what chance does the environment have? TO MOST environmentalists, the oil sands of Alberta are "Canada`s dirty secret". Described by Tar Sands 101 as "the largest industrial project in human history", the extraction of oil from bitumen (tar, in plain language) buried in the ground is blamed by them for causing air pollution, widespread deforestation and prodigious carbon ...

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