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To cart or not to cart, that is the question.

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When we reached Saint Simon Island in Georgia Amy and I picked up two kayak carts. We used the carts to help us complete a 40 mile long portage from the Saint Mary’s River to the Suwannee River. Plus, we have used the carts a couple of times to wheel our kayaks from the water to campgrounds that are near the water (but not right on the water). The carts each weight about 10 pounds and break apart into several pieces. They take up about 20% of the storage space inside of our kayaks. We have been trying to figure out if we should continue to carry them or if we should mail them home.  For the last month of our journey we will be following the west coast of Florida and then the Florida Keys.  We do not have any more portages planned, but there may be a couple times when we would use the carts to wheel our kayaks to a campground if we kept them.


We are not sure what to do and we hope that you can help us decide. Should we mail the carts home or should we keep them?2_11_13wheels


Answer to last week’s dilemma: How much water flows out of Manatee Springs per hour?

We needed your help to figure out how many gallons flowed out of the Manatee Springs per hour. This was a tough math problem. The correct answer is:

60 million gallons per day divided by 24 hours is 2.5 million gallons per hour.


Here is how to find out how much water flows out of the springs per minute:

2.5 million gallons per hour divided by 60 minutes is about 41,667 gallons per minute.


Here is how to find out how much water flows out of the springs per second:

41,667 gallons per minute divided by 60 seconds is about 694 gallons per second.

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