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Kelly Creek, Florida

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Amy, Dave and Leroy at Anderson Landing in Suwannee


After a delicious breakfast at the Suwannee Marina, we said goodbye to our new friends. Thanks again to everyone in Suwannee for showing us so much hospitality. It felt good to be back on the water after a day off. The weather was sunny and the wind was blowing out of the northwest. We actually backtracked for a mile upriver to the “East Pass” in order to head out to the Gulf of Mexico. The current carried us along as we paddled past several fishing boats. The landscape changed from cypress to palm trees and salt marsh. We spotted several osprey and their nests. Pelicans flew past in a graceful line. The best part about reaching the Gulf was seeing an uninterrupted horizon line of water meeting sky to the west of us. We began paddling on the Big Bend segment of the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. That northwest wind was a tailwind. It pushed us along for the rest of the day. The water was quite shallow in places, even when we were far out from shore. As we passed Cedar Key, we had to be careful to not run aground on oyster beds. We were surprised by the first dolphins we saw. They reminded us that we were back in salt water!

2_27_13KellyCreek Dave checking out the Kelly Creek campsite


Distance traveled: 30 miles by kayak

Animals seen:

4 Osprey

6 Ring-billed Gulls

2 American Coots

2 Black Skimmers

30 Buffleheads

4 Dunlins

5 Caspian Terns

14 Brown Pelicans

20 American White Pelicans

50 Double-crested Cormorants

1 Bald Eagle

4 Bottlenose Dolphins

6 American Oystercatchers

12 Great Egrets

3 Great Blue Herons

2 Snowy Egrets

100s of oysters

2 River Otters

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